Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") applies to our Service - ualbyphone App or affiliated sites at or Please be aware that we may change our Privacy Policy in the future and it is your obligation to review this Privacy Policy from time to time and the effective date associated with it.

Disclosures Made as Necessitated by Law or Safety:

Your name, email, file number, and passcodes/passwords are considered confidential. However, all information you provide to us may be shared with government entities as necessary to comply with applicable laws, to cooperate with law enforcement and the court system.

Information We Collect From You:

During sign up we require that you provide us with certain information which may include Account Data (i.e., your name, email, file number, and a passcode (password), Demographic Information that may include IP address(es), referring website information, Internet browser used, zip code and/or other data regarding search history, browsing history, registration and user history.

Do we collect Financial Data and how is this Information Used?

We DO NOT collect Financial Data, however our service may redirect you to a third party payment processor (PayPal or Apple Pay) as necessary to initiate and complete any payment or orders placed by your account.

Use of localStorage, Cookies, Java Scripts and Demographic Information:

Our service/apps requires the use of cookies and/or "localStorage" as a place-holder for your required passwords to access our system by storing this information on your browser/app to better your experience on our Sites by allowing us to tailor your browsing experience that include an option to auto-login to our site/app for a more convenient mobile browsing experience. Our sites are developed with java-scripting language that requires this option to be enabled on your client's browser to take full advantage of our site/app features and functions. Demographic information that include your IP address and browser type are collected and used for the purposes of analyzing usage data, proper formatting of the site and information displayed due to the extensive array of browser types and display protocols, maintenance of our servers and other purposes relating to maintaining and improving our service and the Sites.

You Are Responsible For Information You Provide to Third Parties:

Our App do not collect or process credit card transactions and are simply redirected to PayPal that employs industry standard encryption and will only use your information for that purpose. Financial Data is considered private information and will not be shared by us or PayPal with third parties except with your authorization and as necessary to carry out orders placed by you with the understanding by you that such transaction(s) may be subject to the rules and policies of such third party. Financial or other Data provided by you to any companies or websites advertising on the Sites or in response to emails sent to you by the Sites are not governed by this Privacy Policy. Any information provided by you to a third party, and any transaction with such a third party, is subject to that third party's terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Emails From Us and use of Your Email Address:

Your email address will be used by us for signup and subscription confirmation purposes, and to contact you when we have system updates, special offers or other information with which to provide you. Such information may include, without limitation, new services offered by us, information or updates to your account and other information related to your subscription status to the Sites. We may send you emails prior to and after you have terminated your membership to our service until such time as you advise us, in accordance with the procedures explained below, that you no longer wish to receive emails from us. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, please send us an email with the subject title of UNSUBSCRIBE to

AOL Email Addresses:

We strongly discourage the use of AOL's email platform due to their high "Black-listing Policy", blocking a high percentage of our outgoing system emails to users. Please provide another reputable email address from other providers such as GMail, Yahoo, iCloud or your United email address.

Your mobile number and SMS functions:

A significant function of this app (ualbyphone) is to allow the user to immediately contact other users/crew members via the native phone and messaging app of the currently used platform. It is therefore necessary to store the user's current phone number within the app and enable all available messaging/communication functions. The option to "opt out" of these functions are always available in the Notifications section of Profile Settings. Note that opting out of the Mobile and SMS functions will disable the ability to use these notifications features of the app.


We and our advertising partners fully comply with the federal CAN-SPAM Act, and as such, all emails from us and our advertising partners will always, among other required disclosures, have a place for you to opt out of receipt of further email correspondence. Please note that we will never send you an email directly or through our marketing partners without your consent. Please immediately report any emails you may receive, without your prior authorization, that purport to promote the Sites.

We may utilize the services of outside advertising agencies to advertise our services and goods and/or services offered by third parties. Either we or our advertising agencies may use cookies and/or action tags to measure advertising effectiveness on an anonymous basis. Some emails from us may contain advertisements from companies unrelated to the Sites. Should you elect to visit any such advertised website, we cannot, and do not, make any representations about applicable terms and conditions or privacy policies for such advertised websites.

If you choose to make any purchases on such sites or accept any offers from such companies, we may provide your information, including Financial Data, to the advertiser as necessary to your request. Finally, we cannot, and do not, make any representations about the privacy policies or terms and conditions of advertisements appearing anywhere on our service, whether through our website or emails, this is regardless of whether or not there may be any mentions of or references to any or all of the Sites on such advertisers website(s).

Changes to the Privacy Policy:

We may change this privacy policy at any time. You agree that we are under no duty to send you notice of such changes. Instead it is your responsibility to check this Privacy Policy from time to time. No change in the privacy policy will be effective until thirty (30) days after it is posted, unless the privacy policy has clear language indicating otherwise.